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Home Autografi Autografi Musica Collection Signed CD & Vinyl (new & used) Cd 10 Year Plan Than You Know autografato da Chesney Hawkes

Cd 10 Year Plan Than You Know autografato da Chesney Hawkes

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This 112 track career spanning 5CD/1DVD package compiled and overseen by Chesney himself, collating all the albums along with all the B-sides, remixes, previously unreleased demos/outtakes along with a DVD bringing together all his promo clips along with bonus material and international videos, Top Of The Pops, and live performances.
This set is packaged in a clamshell box with card wallets and a 24 page booklet.
Chesney will be touring throughout 2022.

CD1 : 1.The One And Only 2.Nothing Serious 3.Feel So Alive 4.I’m a Man Not a Boy 5.It’s Gonna Be Tough. 6.Torn in Half. 7.I’m Young 8.Secrets Of the Heart 9.This Is Me 10.Ordinary Girl 11.A Crazy World Like This 12.Say Mama 13.Waiting For The Night (Bonus Track) 14.One World (Bonus Track) 15.Torn In Half (Bonus Track) 16.Secrets Of The Heart (Bonus Track) 17.I’m A Man Not A Boy (Bonus Track)

CD2 :1.Tell Me Something I Don’t Know 2.What’s Wrong With This Picture? 3.Help Me To Help Myself 4.Sometimes 5.Black Or White People 6.Missing You Already 7.One Of Those Days 8.Fairweather Christian 9.The Family Way 10.Every Little Tear 11.Friends And Lovers (Bonus Track) 12.It Hurts When I Laugh (Bonus Track) 13.What’s Wrong With This Picture? – Dakeyne’s Interference Mix (Bonus Track) 14.What’s Wrong With This Picture? – 12″ Dance Mix (Bonus Track)

CD3 : 1. Overated 2.Next Life 3.Stay Away Baby Jane 4.Sand 5.Don’t Just Stand There 6.Another Fine Mess 7.Failing Light 8.Blissfully Unaware 9.Her 10.Oh So Dull 11.English Dream 12.Seven Of Sundays 13.Come And Get It 14.Please Bring Me Down 15.Almost You 16.Staring At The Sun 17.Stay Away, Baby Jane -Axton Speedway remix (Bonus Track) 18.Sand – Janice Long BBC Session (Bonus Track) 19.Oh So Dull- Janice Long BBC Session (Bonus Track) 20.Next Life- Janice Long BBC Session (Bonus Track)

CD4 : 1. Comeback 2.Flashback Heroine 3.Real Life Love 4.Caught Up In Circles 5.Always Have, Always Will 6.John Lennon Lived Here 7.Aeroplane 8.Camouflage 9.Let That Be Enough 10.The One And Only – Acoustic 11.Let That Be Enough – Original Demo (Bonus Track) 12. John Lennon Lived Here – ’92 Demo (Bonus Track) 13.Always Have, Always Will -Demo (Bonus Track) 14.Till You Know What You Want – Demo (Bonus Track) 15.Gravity’s Gone – Demo (Bonus Track) 16.I Wanna Be Somebody – Demo (Bonus Track) 17.Love Lies Bleeding – Demo (Bonus Track) 18.Watching Over You – Demo (Bonus Track) 19.Please Bring Me Down – Heavy Demo (Bonus Track)

CD5 : 1.Brain Train – Film Master Mix 2.Secrets Of The Heart – Film Master Mix 3.Feel So Alive – Film Master Mix 4. Taking The Blame – Film Master Mix 5.I’m Young – Film Master Mix 6.This Is Me – Film Master Mix 7.Torn In Half – Film Master Mix 8.The One And Only – Monitor Mix 9.Move On – Live At Abbey Road 10.Friday At The Hollywood – Demo 11.She’s The One. 12.The One And Only – 2005 Remix 13.I’m A Man Not A Boy – Original Demo 14.Nothing Serious – Original Demo 15. I’m Young – Alt. Song. 16.Peggy Sue – Unreleased 17.Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – JM Kitchen Sink Mix 18.Sometimes – JM Kitchen Sink Mix 19.Fairweather Christian – Demo

DVD : Promo Videos: 1.The One And Only 2.I’m A Man Not A Boy 3.Secrets Of The Heart 4.Feel So Alive 5.What’s Wrong With This Picture? 6.Missing You Already 7.Stay Away Baby Jane 8.Caught Up In Circles 9.Aeroplane 10.Another Fine Mess. Bonus Material: 11.One And Only – International Version. 13. One And Only – Doc Hollywood Version. 14.I’m A Man Not A Boy (alt. edit) 15.One And Only – Top Of The Pops 14/3/91 16.One And Only – Top Of The Pops 28/3/91 17 One And Only – Top Of The Pops 25/4/91. Live in Mannheim ’90: 18.I’m Young 19.The One And Only 20.Secrets Of The Heart 21.I’m A Man Not A Boy

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